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5 Ways to Manage Stress While Planning a Wedding

It’s no secret­–planning a wedding is a stressful undertaking. According to this Zola study of 500 engaged and newlywed couples, 96% of those surveyed found the wedding planning process extremely stressful. If you ask us, we think the other 4% are lying. This statistic demonstrates how normal wedding stress is. Trust us–you aren’t the only bride who has cried over tableware!

The reality is weddings are overwhelming. Many newly engaged couples approach the wedding planning process with expectations of whimsical dress fittings and endless cake tastings. When these expectations are not met, they are left with feelings of disappointment and confusion.

Stress doesn’t have to ruin the biggest day of your life. Be proactive with wedding stress by following these five tips.

Take a Break

You won’t be engaged forever, so don’t let wedding planning stress take over your life. Remember to spend time celebrating the love and commitment that engagement symbolizes.

Each week, create a schedule of when you will allow yourself to indulge in wedding planning. Be sure to set aside time to spend with your fiancé, bridal party, or other loved ones. For the most enjoyable engagement, find time to celebrate with the people you love.


While working out has numerous benefits, it is especially helpful in alleviating stress. For one hour a few times per week, set aside time to work off your wedding stress. Try Soul Cycle with your bridal party or a solo sweat sesh while listening to your favorite music! Whatever it may be, it is so important to get out of your head and get active.

Manage Family Expectations

Keep in mind that it’s your wedding, not your family’s. Although you may value their opinions, trying to please everyone will only make you more stressed. There will always be that one distant relative who dislikes the idea of having baby’s breath in the table centerpieces. Compromise where you feel the need, and choose what will make you happy on your wedding day.

Now here’s a curveball: what if your family is contributing to the wedding? Be proactive in managing familial expectations by clearly defining their role in your wedding from the beginning. From then on, take their input on some aspects of the wedding, and ask for space on others.

Set a Wedding Contingency Fund

The main source of stress for most brides comes from paying for the wedding, and for good reason. Weddings are expensive AF! According to The Knot, the national average cost of a wedding is $33,900­–a hefty sum for most couples!

To avoid stressing about going over budget, we suggest brides create a 10-15% contingency fund to cover overlooked costs or, more frequently, forgotten expenses. Taxes, gratuities, and unexpected vendor fees add up. Plus, we know so many brides who were thankful they set up a contingency fund because they were able to correct an emergency that they otherwise wouldn’t have had the money to address due to budgetary restrictions!

Hire a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a valuable resource in relieving wedding stress. Instead of trying to conquer the art of planning a wedding alone, a professional knows how to efficiently make arrangements with your budget and unique style in mind.

Not only can a wedding planner handle all wedding-related details, but she is your go-to girl for advice! Experiencing family drama? She’s a seasoned wedding mediator. Unsure if the centerpieces match the wedding arbor? She has an eye for color theory.

Plus, with day-of, half-service, and full-service planning options, wedding planners tailor their services to your individual needs!

Check out this blog post to learn more about the benefits of hiring a wedding planner.

For a less stressful wedding planning experience, contact us here! We would love to help make your wedding day perfect and stress-free.

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