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The Top 5 Benefits of Hiring an Event Planner

With the abundance of online resources available to the public these days, it may seem like hiring an event planner is a thing of the past. But there’s a good reason why event planning is a growing industry currently worth over $5 billion: the expertise of an event planner produces unmatched results that clients love.

Here are our top 5 reasons why hiring an event planner is in your best interest:

1. They save you time (and stress)

The classic saying “time is money” rings true - there never seems to be enough of either. You may be able to pull off organizing an event from start to finish on your own, but is the lack of sleep and anxiety over meeting deadlines worth it? By having an event planner work for you, you can leave the organizational worries behind and instead focus on making a good impression on your guests.

2. They focus on the details

When it comes to planning, event experts have an eye for the finer things. Perfectly matching the color of the tablecloths to the accent pieces in the floral arrangements probably isn’t something you want to deal with. These meticulous details may seem irritating to the average host, but event planners love every second of it! Planners focus on the minute details that will take your event to the next level while you keep your attention on the big picture.

3. They stick to your budget

Hiring an event planner may seem like an unnecessary expense, but they actually help you save money in the long run. Event experts know where it’s acceptable to cut costs and when it’s worth spending a few extra dollars. They stick to your plan from the beginning, allow you to make adjustments if needed, and ensure that you don’t leave the event with an empty wallet.

4. They have connections

You’re likely already working on a tight budget (who isn’t?), so any way you can minimize costs is important. Many event planners have connections with suppliers and vendors that can offer you discounted services on decor, food, and more! And most importantly: planners are never afraid to negotiate to get you a better price.

5. They sell your brand

While it may be a relatively calm process to plan your child’s 6th birthday party, the stakes are higher when it comes to organizing corporate events. Event planners work hard to paint your company in its best light, whether that be through elegant theming or interactive displays that help guests connect with your brand in a memorable way. In order for your event to look professional, it’s best to leave the planning up to a professional.

The most enjoyable events are often the result of a partnership between a host and an event planner. If you want to be involved in the event but not hold all the responsibility for its success on your shoulders, consider hiring an event planner to organize your next function!

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