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Make Your Next Event Theme "Green"

A new trend has been taking the hospitality and events industry by storm: green event planning.

Everyone will attend some type of event in their life, from happy gatherings, such as baptisms and weddings, to necessary events, such as funerals and business conferences. Event planning is a widespread industry that affects everyone socially, economically, and environmentally.

Green Event Planning is a holistic approach incorporating environmentally friendly, or “green” considerations into all aspects of an event, including the guest experience. By implementing the following ideas to limit consumption and waste, businesses are making socially responsible and environmentally accountable decisions.

Communicate sustainably

When reaching out to guests with invitations and event agendas, consider communicating electronically to avoid paper waste. Technology is constantly improving and great websites such as Shutterfly and Canva offer templates to easily create digital invitations. Additionally, conference and event agendas can be lengthy; consider making a pdf available for download to attendees rather than printing large packets to hand out.

An alternative approach for any party organizer wishing to send paper invites is to utilize Botanical Paper Works. These environmentally friendly invitations are made from recycled products with flower or vegetable seeds embedded inside. Guests can simply tear up and plant their invitation once receiving the necessary information. While the print invitation still requires mailing, this unique idea encourages invitees to think sustainably and promotes the green theme present in the event.


Specifically for weddings, flower arrangements will be numerous, costly and sometimes wasteful. A Boston based company, Rebloom, has addressed this problem by reusing and repurposing flowers. The company will come to the initial event, pick up the flowers there, perform a quality control check and rearrange them to form a new bouquet. Rebloom then sells the new arrangement or bouquet at a fraction of the initial price and delivers to a new event the next day. An added bonus is this local company is nonprofit and donates a percentage of your purchase to a charity of your choice. This suggestion allows the couple to beautify their wedding, but also thoughtfully donate to charity and support local business.

Food and Beverage

The first step to ethically and environmentally accountable food is to buy locally. The food will be fresh, support the local economy, and act as a great topic of conversation for guests. Display the names of farms or suppliers used for a unique touch on the table setting.

A green idea for sit down dinners is to have guests RSVP with a dish choice to limit excess food being purchased. Make sure to include a vegetarian option!

Continuing the green theme, ditch plastic water bottles, and make a give away reusable bottle. For corporate and promotional events, have the company logo and event name printed on the side to act as personalized marketing. For weddings or birthdays, consider using mason jars to incorporate the green theme and have a water refilling station.

Reuse by Renting!

Look for venues that offer tables and chairs in their party packages with the option to upgrade tablecloths and decorative touches. This amenity is great because there is no need to purchase or

outsource. Additionally, rent china and cloth napkins as opposed to plastic silverware and paper

napkins; not only is this less wasteful, but also enhances the table elegance and presentation. Brookstone Park, located in beautiful Southern NH, offers these rental amenities in multiple event rooms on site.

Location, Location, Location

Picking a central and easily accessible venue can make or break your event. Choosing a local venue close to the highway makes it easier for attendees to find and causes less stress. Consider a luncheon at a popular restaurant for an intimate setting.

For larger corporate gatherings, team members may not be local so having an event in a city such as Boston gives access to Boston Logan International

Airport and metro use. Great venues, like Whiskey Saigon and Social Register are perfect for corporate gatherings, and located downtown with easy transportation and close proximity to hotels.

Inspired by these environmentally friendly tips? We'd love to help you implement them and plan your next event!

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