• Kelly Fagan

Christmas in July? Why You Need to Plan Your Holiday Party Now.

Yes, you heard that right; it’s time to start thinking about your corporate holiday party!

Here are our thoughts on why July is the perfect time to start your holiday season.

Send Out Save the Dates

Sending out a "Save the Date" will create buzz months in advance of your company gathering and distract workers from the summer blues of being stuck in the office on the best beach days. Giving your employees a holiday party as reward for their hard work will boost their morale and encourage them to stay focused until the end of the quarter. The holiday party "save the date" will serve as an opportunity to get excited about recharging and connecting later in the year.

Get the Best Venue

Simply put - the earlier you set a date, the earlier you can book the best venue in town. As we all know, holiday parties are a popular commodity, and popular venues will be in high demand. Starting months in advance will allow you to visit the locations and find the right place for your company to celebrate. Some great options in downtown Boston include: Whisky Saigon, Carrie Nation, and Social Register.

The Season of Stress

As the year comes to an end, your company will be preoccupied closing deals and finishing end-of-the-year projects. In addition to work commitments, you''ll be busy making family arrangements from Thanksgiving to New Years, and you shouldn’t concern yourself with last-minute holiday party planning. By getting it out of the way, your time will be spent focused on work and family, while

looking forward to your company gathering without worry.

Spread Your Budget like Holiday Cheer

Another bonus of planning up to six months in advance is spreading the budget out over time. Come the end of the year, your company may be less willing to allocate funds to the event. Each month, use a small portion of profits toward booking the venue, paying the caterer, and hiring entertainment so that the party will be great, without an overwhelming cost all at once.

Thinking about getting started with your Holiday Party planning? Let us help you plan your event at the best venues in Boston. Get in touch today.

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