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7 Reasons You Need an Event Planner for Your Next Event

1. Stick to the Budget

When beginning the planning process, an event planner may seem unnecessary or completely out of your budget. However, their knowledge and services will actually save you money at the end of the day. Once the planner is given your set budget for the event, and how closely it must be adhered to, he or she will be able to make suggestions based on their prior experiences. The planner will know which areas take up the most cost, and where it would be smart to cut costs. Additionally, the planner will have discounted options and special deals with vendors. These more affordable deals typically come from a previously established connection and are not available to the average customer.

2. Save Precious Time

Planning a do it yourself (DYI) event may be easily done for a small-scale birthday party, whereas larger events require a larger time investment to find the right caterer, venue and other important details. The event planner will be able to attend meetings in your place and conduct contract negotiations knowing the standards of service and going rates within the market. Their help lets you use time that would have be dedicated to attending meetings to focus on work, your family, or maybe to have some free time to relax on the beach this summer!

3. Professional Flare

Want to make your event memorable and creative? The planner will have all the tricks of the trade to incorporate into your event goals. For instance, a corporate cocktail hour may be transformed into an elite Gatsby theme given the right environment. Invite guests to dress to the nines, and allow the planner to dazzle guests with complimentary champagne and glitzy décor that lets guests escape reality. Instead of feeling forced to network, guests will be inspired to start conversation about the event and end the night with new connections.

4. Experience, Experience, Experience

Having planned many events before, your event planner will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and connections to make your event run smoothly. Their strong relationships with suppliers, caterers and venue managers will ensure the service or food you’re investing in is of high-quality and from a trustworthy, reliable source. The event team will provide the pros and cons of previous venues used as well as recommend venues that may be suitable to visit. With previous experience in these venues, the planner can anticipate any problems that may arise, and have a backup plan set in place.

5. Staying in Touch

Full service event planners won’t stop at the event details, they will assist with invitations and marketing for the upcoming event. For a family gathering, the team can design creative invites and facilitate the RSVPs. For promotional events, the team will strategically gain the attention of your desired attendees and provide incentives for them to attend. An event cannot be successful without the attendance of eager guests!

6. Stress? Never Heard of It

Arguably the most important role of an event planner is to alleviate the stress before, during and after your event. Organizing an event may be overwhelming; however, having a team to back you up will ease your concerns. Their role is to guide you in the right direction and allow you to pick practical ​

​details that fit your style. During the event, the planner or a team member who is there will be working the details, troubleshooting and ensuring that not a worry will cross your mind. This way you can enjoy your event, such as your wedding day, rather than focus on the hors d’oeuvres being served on schedule. After the event, they assist in cleanup and help evaluate the overall success of the event.

7. Passion

The last key factor to remember about event planners is their love and passion for their job: taking an idea, visualizing it and turning it into a real occasion. They are your real-life fairy godmother. At the end of the day, they hope to fulfill your dreams and make your event go off without a hitch.

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