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Skip the Country Club – Set a New Standard with a Chic Boston Bridal Shower

We've all been to a bridal shower held at the local country club. Snore. Why not host your shower in a venue that creates a new standard for bridal showers? Boston is home to some of the most unique spaces, perfectly on trend for the chicest shower of the season. Below are some tips and tricks, along with a few venue options, to make your shower THE one to attend this bridal season.

Chic is the New Classic

Did you ever think that rustic and chic would be put into the same sentence? Old school classics are making a huge comeback in the event scene. Having a venue with brick walls, intricate ceilings, and massive windows bring a very airy and inviting feel so many spaces. It also lets the venue do all the talking when it comes to character. By just adding your favorite flower, linens, and centerpieces your bridal shower will be rustically chic and will make a serious statement.

Simple Never Goes out of Style

When it comes to your invitations, keeping it simple is beautiful and sets the tone for the elegant event your guests will be attending. Keeping a simple background with a statement icon to set the tone will ensure your guests' excitement when they open it. We are all for technology, but in this case, sending a paper invitation is both classy and stylish.

Social Register

Do you love a classic, old-school theme for your bridal shower? Social Register is located in the Seaport District of Boston and offers a unique design with loads of light. Big windows, open concept, and rustic chandeliers throughout the space allow the use of actual decorations to be minimal, which is a huge plus! Some simple touches like flowers and other personalized items will allow the space to become yours and really get that wow factor you are striving for.

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Tapas is the New Way to Dine

Whether you are having a brunch, lunch or dinner, tapas is making dining in larger groups both friendly and entertaining. Quick small bites will keep the conversation flowing and allow your guests to really enjoy the atmosphere you're trying to present. With large groups, this type of dining will ensure your guests are able to try multiple different food options. For example, instead of having a formal cake at the shower, cupcakes are the new way to cake, making it simple and easy for your guests to come up and grab a cupcake of their choice!

Central Wharf

Who doesn’t love options? Central Wharf is another prime location for this year’s nautical chic bridal shower. This venue offers vintage brick and wood ceilings with lots of nautical touches. Just add some simple accents to make it your own and voila you have yourself a gorgeous nautical-themed bridal shower.

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Activities for the Guests

At this point, most of the wedding details have either been finalized and/or are being thought about, but what if you are not sure what to do for bouquets? Having your guests create floral arrangements is a fun and simple activity to get everyone together. Conversations will be plentiful and it will keep people zoned into your party. You just supply your favorite flowers and color theme, then put your guests into small groups. And plus you get multiple ideas for bouquets – best team wins bragging rights and/or a free cocktail!

Time to Seas the Moment

The Odyssey and Spirit of Boston are taking Boston by storm by providing a unique venue to host your bridal shower. Take a ride along Boston’s famous coast line and give your guests an afternoon to remember! This is a great opportunity to do something really different and beautiful for your shower by allowing Boston’s stunning skyline to be your backdrop.

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Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar

If you are hosting your shower as a brunch themed event, having a Bloody Mary and mimosa bar will allow your guests to craft a fun cocktail and remain in high spirits throughout the event. Treating your guests to a create-your-own cocktail bar will spark conversation and let your guests know how thankful you are that they are helping you celebrate such a special time in your life!

Abby Lane

Looking for more of a modern venue ? Abby Lane in the Theatre District gives you the best of both worlds. A sleek, contemporary atmosphere, complimented by painted white brick will give it just the right amount classic flare while also maintaining that modern feel. Located right in the heart of the city, and overlooking the area theaters, your guests will be wowed by Abby Lane.

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Need help planning your bridal shower in the city? Boston is the home of so many amazing venues listed and we're here to help you come up with the perfect option and theme for your shower. Let us do the work, so you can just focus on what this day is really about - you!

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