• Emily Blanchard

Team Building Minus the Awkward Icebreakers

We have all heard the saying, there is no ‘I’ in team. So what do you do if your company is in some serious need of good old-fashioned team building? Do you force your employees to form a human pretzel and work together to undo the knot? No.

There may not be an ‘I’ in team but there is definitely one in buzzkill. You want to find a way to get your employees chatting? Look no further, listed below are some easy and fun tips to help your company become stronger than ever!

Happy Hour

Sometimes in order to get your employees to break the ice, they need a little liquid courage. Instead of having a corporate event, find a way to get your employees to the bar after work, because lets face it, everyone could use a drink from time to time. This takes the pressure off a major event and being forced to communicate, its light and fun. And who doesn’t love a cheap cocktail?


In America, bowling is the #1 participation sport. This has to be due to the fact that it requires little to no actual skill, its fun, and allows people to have a fun night out with a reasonable price. Having an event at a bowling alley and allowing your employees to bring their families allows the entire company to see who you are outside the office. This will spark conversation and result in good old-fashioned team building without really trying.

Two Truths & A Lie

Start this activity by having each member of a small group write down two truths and one lie about themselves, and then have each member place it into a bowl. Go around the circle and read each one, whose card is it? This provides humor and allows people to get to know each other without all the pressure of a massive group setting.

Mix Up Some Creativity

One of our favorite team building activities is our “Mix Up Some Creativity” program.We break your company into teams, and each is provided a basket of goods including a drink shaker, spoon, mixers, fruit, markers, paper and specific instructions on how they will spend the next hour.The team must decide who will handle their brand’s Sales, Marketing, R&D and Branding. They are allowed to get 2 kinds of alcohol from the venue’s bar and must create their own “brand” of cocktail with provided fruit and mixers. Working as a team, they must create a brand name, design a logo, develop a sales pitch and create a short marketing plan. After the hour, all teams must present their cocktail, sales pitch and marketing plan in front of the rest of the company. After all teams have presented, people can sample the creations (just dip a straw in the glass) and cast their vote on the winner. Votes are based on creativity, marketing pitch and taste. The winning creation can then made for the entire company to sample or used at a later date as a signature drink for a holiday party.

Holiday Party

The holidays bring joy to a lot of people, but for some people it brings a lot of stress and anxiety. Putting on a holiday party for your employees would give them the opportunity to have a fun night out, on the company’s dime. We all love to feel appreciated during the holiday season, especially at work. Throw in some raffle items to keep things interesting and let the nature of the party do the talking, setting the tone for endless mingling and interaction.

Military Styled Team Building

Its not what you are thinking, we are not going to climb walls and crawl through the mud to build unity. Have you ever heard a military chant?

“One mile, two mile, three mile score, Four mile, five mile, six mile more, Seven mile, eight mile, nine mile done, Ten mile, eleven mile, twelve-mile fun! Sound off one two, sound off three four, bring it on down, one two three four, one two...three four!” - Tony Naccarato

This activity is simple, breaking into small groups and creating a chant about the organization that you work for. Its both humorous and forces your employees to put their heads together. Also, putting care packages together for current military personnel is a great way to both thank those who are currently serving our country and allow your employees to work together for a great cause.

Be an Advocate for Team Building

If your boss is not taking an activity seriously, what part of you thinks the employees will? This is a tip for all the bosses out there: you want your employees to become more oriented, and you have to make the change, too. Set a goal for yourself to talk to a different individual in the course of each workday about something other than work. This will make you seem more approachable and allow you to get to know your staff on a more personal level. It’s a win-win!

For help planning a corporate team building event, get in touch today.

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