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Say ‘I Do’ with a Snow Flake or Two

Winter is the host of some of the year’s most enchanted moments, so why not make it the backdrop for your special day? But how do you trick your guests into forgetting the temperature? Here are a few suggestions for making your wedding day one of the warmest days of the season!

  1. Faux Fur

Embracing the season is one of the key elements that are going to make your winter wedding one to remember.Faux fur offers a win-win-win scenario! Providing warmth and chicness for everyone involved and adorable photographs to admire for years to come. Consider matching faux fur wraps for your bridesmaids, and a signature wrap for yourself. Everyone will be a little warmer, and your pictures will look effortlessly stylish.

2. Top Hats & Velvet

Winter provides the opportunity to kick it old school. Having your groom and groomsmen wear top hats brings back an old favorite in a new setting. Velvet also makes a comeback on the runway in winter, so it should make an appearance at your winter wedding as well. This classically chic material will bring both texture and character to the lucky groom and his men! Consider tuxedos with velvet lapels, velvet wraps on the bridesmaids, or velvet shoes.

3. Winter White Flowers

Although flowers are not the main event at your winter wedding, you want them to leave an everlasting impression. Sticking to soft colors like white, silver, light blue, and light pink will allow your wedding to correspond with the weather perfectly. Keeping the colors muted will allow the bride and the winter backdrop to steal the show, not the flowers. For great winter wedding flowers, call Jimmy at Clifford's Flowers.

4. Pine & Birch

Let’s face the fact: peonies are not going to be making an appearance at your winter wedding. Nevertheless, embrace the natural elements of winter with pine and white birch elements to bring your winter wonderland to life! Consider pine to decorate your centerpieces or candles, or birch poles in pots.

5. Outdoor Wedding? Blankets are a MUST​

So, your wedding day is a warm winter day, just warm enough to consider having your ceremony outside, which is perfect! This will bring the beauty of winter to the backdrop of the long anticipated ‘I Do,’ but we also need to consider your guests comfort! Done and done with blankets. A basket of blankets for couples and individuals to share will make your reception both an intimate and cozy experience. You don’t need anything fancy, just some disposable air plane style blankets – in a color that matches your theme, of course!

6. Hot Cocoa Bar

It’s cocktail hour! But your guests don’t want to be sipping on a chilled snowflake martini just yet… so what do you serve them? Hot cocoa! This child like drink will bring your guests warmth and refreshment when they immediately leave the ceremony. And of course, you can always add a little liqueur to spice things up a bit. One of our favorite venues in Southern NH has a great recipe for Mint Hot Cocoa.

7. Pinecones

Looking for a fun and seasonal way to help your guests find their seats in the dining room? Pinecones are both festive and fun! Flocked or un-flocked, these natural gold minds are a simple way to navigate your guests and get the reception started!

Now that you have some fun and easy ways to bring your winter wedding day to life, remember to step back and cherish the one person who warms your heart every winter season. Your wedding day is about sharing memories with that special person in your life. Enjoy!

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